What’s So Special About Our Manuka Soother Range?

What’s So Special About Our Manuka Soother Cough Syrup Range?

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Our Short Answer

  • Natural, non-toxic & drug-free
  • A powerful blend of medicinal honey, herbs and superfruits
  • Formulated by a PhD in Natural Medicine
  • Cough Care & Immune support straight from nature’s medicine cabinet*
  • No synthetics, alcohol, added sugar, artificial additives or fillers
  • Tasty, highly bioavailable liquid form ideal for family use

The Superfoods Powering this Formulation

  • Manuka Honey

We use UMF 10+ grade, an active premium honey from New Zealand with powerful health benefits when compared to other varieties. Honey has a protective effect on the respiratory tract system and is a great immune booster while also being antioxidant… plus it’s soothing and delicious!*

  • Australian River Mint

A special wild herb found only in Australia near fresh waterways. Like other members of the mint family it has multiple health benefits being highly antioxidant. But our big reason for using this rare delicate variety is the ‘anti-congestive’ effect needed when suffering from a cough. Aboriginal peoples have known and used this for thousands of years – now we can share it with you by including a newly developed, sugar free syrup in our Manuka Soother Cough Syrup range. You’ll notice its distinctive aroma and flavour in this delicious remedy.*

  • Kakadu Plum

Any genuine health liquid needs an outstanding natural source of antioxidants and Kakadu Plum is truly the Queen of vitamin C, with way more than any other food on our planet. And it’s real not synthetic, a great complex of vitamin C with phenolic compounds and anthocyanins. (Nothing at all like the standard version of vitamin C / ascorbic acid manufactured from GMO corn processed with acetone and hydrochloric acid). Kakadu is found only in Australia where it is grown and harvested in the wild.*

  • Pomegranate

This unique fruit is absolutely packed with polyphenol compounds providing a degree of high level of health benefits. Especially supportive of respiratory wellness, pomegranate offers an overall immune health boost. The juice is low in sugar, nice tasting and highly antioxidant.*

  • Beetroot

Who would have thought this root vegetable could be such a wellness and immune treasure! There again, its appearance is a major clue – for deeply coloured natural foods are full of special compounds that protect and promote good health and healthy immune systems. Beetroot is no exception and has an extra bonus in being nitrate rich which increases nitric oxide availability – awesome for respiratory and exercise function!*

  • Thyme and Aniseed

We’re listing these together because both are recognised by the European Medicines Agency as Traditional medicines, especially for coughs, and because together they potentiate each other and make a stunning combination. Aniseed is a strong supporter of the immune system plus it enhances nitric oxide production. It helps to relax the airways. Thyme adds extra support for the immune system, helps reduce oxidative stress and helps relieve chesty coughs. Bio-First uses custom-made extracts of Thyme and Aniseed that are only available in our remedies. Truly a super duo.*

Every one of these carefully selected ingredients is a treasure from Mother Nature

When you put them together, you have the answer to why the Kids Manuka Soother Cough Syrup is so special.

And let me add, not one of them is from powder form – each of these bioactives is a liquid with minimal processing.

Rapidly absorbed and recognised by our bodies as the real thing!




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