Kakadu Plum  (Terminalia ferdinandiana)

Kakadu Plum (Terminalia ferdinandiana)

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From the home of koalas and kangaroos 

A uniquely Australian botanical, this fruit has higher vitamin C content than any other food on our planet! 

What helps Kakadu helps you – the vitamin C is Kakadu Plum’s super antioxidant power needed to survive and thrive in harsh conditions. 

It comes with high levels of phenolic compounds and anthocyanins, all working together to support the plant’s own immunity… and yours. 

This is nothing like the synthetic vitamin C 

tThat is manufactured from GMO corn, using acetone and hydrochloric acid in the process, which is what you get in powders and tablet supplements.

With a wealth of history in Aboriginal medical practices, Kakadu Plum is now being recognised as one of the world’s most awesome superfoods. 

Wild harvested in remote tropical regions, this fruit is carefully crafted into the powerful sugar and alcohol free syrup used by Bio-First.

Wishing you good health form the Aussie trio of Koala, Kangaroo and Kakadu:

  • The Queen of vitamin C
  • Super scavenger of free radicals
  • Defender against oxidative stress
  • Treasured traditional food and medicine
  • Favourite food of possums and bandicoots!



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