Why is your immune system so important to your overall health? Bio-First

Why is your immune system so important to your overall health?

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Immune system and natural immune boosters

What is immunity?

Very much an everyday word in today’s world, immunity lies at the heart of our health.

There are two types of immunity, natural & acquired - in order for us to be well both must be in good working order.

Natural Immunity

Natural immunity is the protective system we are born with, partly inherited from our mum.

Also called innate or native, our natural immunity is programmed to activate at the first sign of danger, so when something harmful or foreign penetrates a body barrier, special molecules detect it and signal for help.

First on the scene are particular white blood cells that surround and chemically chew up the invaders.

Then they signal other immune cells to carry on the attack against the invaders.

Acquired Immunity

Acquired or adaptive immunity by contrasts develops over time as the body builds up a memory of these attacks.

Then, when a new invasion occurs, different white blood cells recognise it and mount a more efficient & targeted defence. 

The system is armed and primed to act!

How we impact our Immunity

So, in theory, it is all good if we look after ourselves.

Both Natural & Acquired Immunity depend on our whole system functioning properly to work well and do their job.

This means we need to give ourselves

  • Good food
  • Enough Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Healthy Habits etc
  • Even mood is known to play a big role in immune function. Depression can deplete the defences and joy can make them virtually invincible.

How Nature Helps us

We also know that nature has provided many treasures to support and balance immunity.

Special superfoods, herbs and honeys are especially valuable and often delicious too.

Here are Bio-First we choose the best and safest ingredients that the natural world can offer to bring you health-boosting liquid the whole family will love.


Dr. Jude, Co-Founder @ Bio-First



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