Bio first self heal salve the award winner of best clean product

‘Self Heal’ Salve GOLD Winner in the 2022 Organic Beauty Awards

Posted by Kim Cole on

The 2022 Organic Beauty Award Best Clean products of 2022 have just been announced. We’re proud to share that our ‘Self Heal’ Salve has won GOLD in the Best Clean Skin Salves category.

Bio-First Self Heal Salve won 2022 organic beauty award

Our Bio-First ‘Self Heal’ Salve is your essential multi-purpose skin aid, to have ready in the first aid kit for those sudden skin upsets.


The awards celebrate the best clean products of 2022, tried & tested, with natural ingredients. The Organic Beauty Award says “These multi-functional formulas have many purposes. From soothing red, irritated skin to maintaining delicate skin, to the most calloused elbows & knees, these salves are designed to nourish, repair, heal & strengthen damaged skin. Find the perfect remedy to help relieve upset skin, nappy rash, insect bites & problematic skin that just won't suffice”. 

 Amina Kitching founder of the award says: "A natural skin-healing salve that is perfect for your first-aid kit or skincare drawer. Made with the safest ingredients that support the skin." —Amina Kitching.

Bio first self heal salve before and after

For more information on the awards, click here.

To purchase our award winning salve, click here.



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