Bio-First awarded in the 2022 Global Green Beauty Awards

Bio-First awarded in the 2022 Global Green Beauty Awards

Posted by Kim Cole on

The Winners for the 2022 Global Green Beauty Awards have been announced and Bio-First are pleased to announce our products have been awarded:

  • Bio-First Lip Sore Cream - Bronze Winner - Best Natural Lip Product 

The Global Green Beauty Awards celebrate the best of green and clean beauty.

 “The awards celebrate the beauty industry's move towards making their products, packaging and sourcing more kind to the planet and indeed to our skin, with over 400 product entries, a variety of green, clean and eco beauty products. 

So many brands have overturned their original products to bring them more in line with green practices. Brands have also taken a keen interest into the sustainability of their ingredients.

The ingredients themselves are crucial - brands are ever more turning to natural or organic and moving away from harmful toxins and preservatives.  There has also been a big push towards being vegan and cruelty free across the board”. 

Winners were chosen by a panel of six beauty experts on two factors - the products themselves and how they worked on our panel of judges, and secondly how their products' green and clean credentials fit the category.  

You can find more information on the awards here.

You can read more about our Bio-First Ingredient Ethos here.




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