New Year Self-Care

New Year Self-Care

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After the 2020-2022 years, 2023 seemed like a time of change and instability, hopefully leading towards more balance?  


Let's start this New Year off ourselves by choosing balance between nature and the labs in our self-care:


Here are some New Year swaps for those looking!


Eczema Prone Skin

The choices are coal tar, bleach baths, OTC steroid creams (some countries) anti-itch meds, wet wraps, or a huge range of topicals claiming to help. 


To really work they must be:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-irritant
  • pH balancing
  • Good for skin barrier function and the microbiome.

Bio-First Ultrasensitive Skin Rescue Lotion is clinically proven, through tests

in Australia and Europe, to deliver these moisturizing benefits, naturally. Our customer reviews add to the proof!


Radiation Treatment / Chemotherapy / Immunotherapy Induced Dermatitis


We hope you are not facing cancer treatment or living with the aftermath. For those who are, self-care of affected skin can seem futile and exhausting but there are options to widely used aqueous creams with a petroleum base! Yes they are cheap but cheap can be nasty. 


Bio-First Manuka Skin Saver has been formulated with medical grade manuka honey and special plant bioactives.

It is a clinically proven low-irritant, hydrating gel that improves skin barrier function, is soothing, moisturizing and protective.


Lip Sore Breakouts


Take action at the very first demoralizing sign of tingling, itch, pain, fatigue, with our choice of self-care:  

Lip Sore Cream - enjoy the herbal aroma and use intensively from as early as you can to care for the skin affected by the breakout, then regularly to improve the appearance.


Soothing Immune Support


Plenty of self-care choices available for soothing coughs and providing immune support but not many that are all-in-one, child friendly and delicious!  

Kids Manuka Soother Cough* Syrup fits the description and comes in a super-convenient spray form delivering high levels of bioactives to those in need. 

With only goodness inside, we avoid the pitfalls of the usual options that are available.

Shaving / Waxing Rash / Razor Burn


What are the self-care solutions for this unisex issue? 


Alcohol toners, antiseptics, antibiotic ointments, shaving and after-shave products…


How about Aloe Vera with medical grade Manuka Honey from NZ, Milk Thistle and Prickly Pear instead?

They work beautifully! These ingredients are combined with other bioactives in Bio-First Manuka Skin Saver which has been clinically proven to hydrate, moisturize, soothe and improve skin barrier function. This aromatic gel is antibacterial and is ideal for face, neck, bikini or pubic areas to very rapidly deal with any unwanted effects of hair removal.


 ^ Please note this is not medical advice and you should always seek such advice from medical professionals. Dr Jude Lenart has a Ph.D. in Natural Medicine, she is not a medical practitioner.


 *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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