First Aid by Bio-First

First Aid by Bio-First

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You have your year-round first aid kit with bandages and other basic items

for minor mishaps. What else might be needed for urgent self-care?



Covered up means more protection, but accidents still happen and cold plus dryness can frequently cause cracked & distressed skin. The risk of burns and scalds is also increased. And if you ski, sunburn can be a real concern.


Self-Care of these issues is focused on TLC for winter skin: 




Each product in this versatile threesome can be used daily for special care, not just for emergencies!



More time doing things outdoors means sun exposure, heat, insect bites, sunburn, scrapes and grazes, waxing rash, skin infections and so on.


Instead of buying a different product for each, how about having just two

that can deal with all these issues!


Bio-First ‘Self-Heal’ Salve does what it says and more - not only supporting upset skin but also guarding against bugs & calming bites or scrapes. This lovely salve features 'Self-Heal' Herb, Frankincense and other gems that are proven bioactives and antibacterial.


When it comes to sunburn, waxing and other rashes, Bio-First Manuka Skin Saver is the go-to. Medical grade Manuka Honey combined with Aloe Vera and other phytoactive extracts in a light gel for instant soothing plus antibacterial protection.



 *Please note this is not medical advice and you should always seek such advice from medical professionals. Dr Jude Lenart has a Ph.D. in Natural Medicine, she is not a medical practitioner.


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