Bio-First Manuka Skin Saver for Razor Burn or Waxing Rash

Manuka Skin Saver for Razor Burn or Waxing Rash

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What’s the issue?  

  • Shaving rash
  • Waxing rash
  • Razor bumps or burns


  • Underarms
  • Bikini line
  • Face
  • Neck
  • Legs

Whatever method of hair removal is used - from a razor to wax to plucking or creams - the rate of irritation is typically high.

These razor burns and ingrown hairs are linked to sensitivity and hair texture of the skin area involved.

There are also gender and ethnic differences, associated with skin and hair type.

Each hair removal method has pros and cons but all carry the risk of causing or aggravating the skin resulting in:

  • Redness   
  • Dryness   
  • Itch   
  • Infection   
  • Irritation   
  • Cuts   
  • Rash   
  • Skin barrier damage   
  • Papules & pustules  
  • Epidermal abrasion   
  • Ingrown hairs   
  • Folliculitis   
  • Contact dermatitis   
  • Inflammation    
  • Loss of pigmentation

You’d have to wonder why we do it ourselves with that list!

Although careful practices help minimize the risk, a large percentage of us experience a problem at some time, many of them every time they shave or remove their hair. 

This is when Manuka Skin Saver will save your skin, and here’s why.


Clinically proven Manuka Skin Saver to the rescue:

  • Low irritant 
  • Moisturising and hydrating
  • Protects/restores skin barrier

Through clinical testing we’ve validated that Manuka Skin Saver can help with all of the issues listed above and more.

It contains some amazing natural superheroes including:

Manuka Honey UMF10+  

Manuka Oil  

Prickly Pear Oil  

Aloe Vera  

Milk Thistle Oil 

Green Tea Extract  

In summary, Manuka Skin Saver is an all-natural gel perfect for rapid relief of hair removal skin problems: fast absorption, non-comedogenic and soothing.

Bio-First Manuka Skin Saver


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