Bio-Fermented Papaya

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Probiotics on the skin? Absolutely, especially if there’s a problem. Such as eczema, other forma of dermatitis, inflammation, redness, scaling, itching. Topical probiotics can restore skin pH balance, reduce oxidative stress, improve skin barrier function and signs of aging. 

You can help keep the skin microbiome (healthy flora) in good shape by avoiding over-washing and use of harsh products but that’s not always enough, especially if there’s an underlying condition making life difficult for your good skin bacteria.

What we do at Bio-first is combine the benefits of 6 probiotic strains with the magic of papaya, by using a special bio-fermented papaya liquid in our Skin Rescue Lotion. Papaya is an antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory – when bio-fermented with probiotics the combination is a winner for helping restore balance to troubled skin.



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