Sea Buckthorn Oil

Sea Buckthorn Oil

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Among the most intense plant oils on the planet, sea buckthorn is a true miracle of survival, managing to endure sub-zero temperatures, aridity and high altitudes to produce vivid ruby gold berries from which the oil is extracted. With special properties for skin regeneration and repair, sea buckthorn oil has even been found to increase skin thickness!

Its unique combination of Omega 6 and 7 unsaturated fatty acids is key to the many skincare benefits which range from UV damage repair to reducing aging, and are too numerous to describe in full here. The fatty acids form a protective barrier on the skin which not only prevents moisture loss but also facilitates absorption of the other super bioactives in sea buckthorn oil.

Whether your need to moisturise, soften, restore and protect the skin is the result of age or a chronic condition, sea buckthorn oil is the number 1 choice.



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