Are all hypoallergenic skin lotions created equal?

Are all hypoallergenic skin lotions created equal?

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This is a great question and we want you to be able to judge on the facts.

Let’s look at a popular lotion described as hypoallergenic to calm and nourish normal and dry sensitive skin. 

 What’s in it?

The manufacturer will have a reason for inclusion of each ingredient, it’s not our role to comment on ingredient purpose in other brands’ formulations – however half of them have higher risk and may not help sensitive skin. Even Isopropyl Palmitate with its EWG:1 rating is a potential problem as it is comedogenic, meaning it clogs pores.

By comparison our Ultrasensitive Skin Rescue Lotion is made entirely from ingredients rated 1 by EWG and selected for non-irritant supportive skincare. Zinc Gluconate(1) is the only exception and is included at 2% for good reason.

  1. Why Have We Included Zinc Gluconate?
      Zinc is a trace element that is essential to human life. Skin has the third richest concentration of Zinc found in bodily tissue. There is a connection between a person’s Zinc transporters, Zinc deficiency and skin problems. It has anti-inflammatory properties and increases the resurfacing of skin wounds while also protecting the skin barrier. Zinc can help reduce itch by inhibiting mast cell degranulation, in turn reducing histamine secretion. It also has antioxidant and antibacterial activity. Zinc deficiency and Eczema often go hand in hand and in fact Zinc deficiency shares many features with Atopic Dermatitis. Just as your body knows it must have Zinc to function properly, we consider it an essential inclusion in caring for skin prone to Eczema and chronic conditions. 
      It's true our lotion is more expensive than the comparator – special natural ingredients cost more than bulk synthetics…. but the difference and ability to care for your skin effectively is worth it.
      2.  Bio-First aligns with the definition of Natural as defined by the International Natural & Organic Cosmetics Association (NATRUE).
      Written by Dr Jude Lenart, PhD in Natural Medicine 

      This is general information for our readers, not medical advice or opinion. Jude has a Ph.D. in Natural Medicine  -  she is not a medical practitioner.
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