What is Self Heal (Prunella vulgaris)?

What is Self Heal (Prunella vulgaris)?

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Ancient Wisdom, Everyday Applications

Self Heal (or Heal All) is the Prunella vulgaris herb, a treasured but largely forgotten member of the mint family that grows wild in many parts of the world.

Self Heal, so named because it is history's helper.

Completely safe, pleasant tasting, myriad uses!

Discovered and used over centuries in regions extending from Asia to America and most places in between.

The range of applications for Self Heal is equally wide, whether gargled for sore throats, rubbed onto sore skin or used in immune support elixirs. 

Most recently, published peer reviewed research has shown Self Heal to be active against serious respiratory infection!

This lovely edible plant has a gorgeous distinctive purple flower and mild-tasting leaves.

Our very own custom Self Heal Extract & Blend

Perfectly suited to the Bio-First focus on 'skin & within', we use a proprietary custom-made form in a number of our Immune Support and Skin Health products to 'self heal' your family afflictions.

Really, the creation of our custom Self Heal was an amazing process of research leading to rediscovery.

Searching for the safest and most effective medicinal herbs, I had come across references to Self Heal/Heal All numerous times.

Investigating its past was like a history lesson - so many cultures have used this herb for general healing. It has been used in multiple forms on its own or combined with other medicinals.

Alcohol free, carefully combined and utterly unique, our Bio-First products are modern formulations of an ancient icon.

We invite you to welcome Self Heal into you and your families' lives.



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