Bio-First What goes in comes out; What goes on goes in

What goes in comes out; What goes on goes in

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What we put into the body affects the skin, and what we put on the skin affects our insides.

So - it makes sense to take care with both. 

  • Choose natural sources for any extra nutrients, instead of powders and pills made in the lab.

  • Use wellness treasures from nature to support wellbeing, free from alcohol and artificial ingredients.

  • Select whole bioactives for good health over single synthesised compounds - nature made things to work as a whole, not in artificial bits.

  • Use skincare free from petroleum, parabens, PEGs and all the other nasties that end up inside you.

  • Enjoy giving skin the treatment it deserves with topicals that are highly biocompatible, support barrier function, are pH balancing, restore the microbiome, and are naturally antibacterial if that is required.

  • Think of your skin and within as a unified interacting system programmed and receptive to the natural world we are part of.

  • And of course, eat healthy and drink lots of filtered water.
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