The Origins of Bio-First - Mother Nature, Mother Love

The Origins of Bio-First - Mother Nature, Mother Love

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Mother Nature's Designs

The seeds for Bio-First were actually sown decades ago, in New Zealand.

I'd always had a strong sense of nature but working as an environmental consultant helped develop a deeper understanding of how it affects us and how we affect it.

I went into the business world and later had children...

Powerful processes unfolded within me and the seeds began to sprout.

I could feel nature's design within and all around, the children were living proof of this.

Mother nature and mother love were coming together in caring for them.

Nature's Healing Power

I started picking things from the garden to make teas sweetened with Manuka Honey.

When our son was chesty and wheezy I would use these herbal mixtures to help instead of the steroid inhaler that seemed unwise for a 5 year old...

Instinct rather than science was my guide back then.

I chose edible herbs with pleasant aromas and combined them with Manuka Flowers and Honey.

I knew about Manuka from a Maori group who taught me some of the culture and language.

Maori have always revered Manuka magic, many centuries before it became world famous.

Onto New Horizons

Our family moved to Sydney's north, near the ocean and I discovered special native plants and others growing in our area. 

On a short walk I could pick Tea Tree, Lemon Myrtle, Olive Leaf, Lavender and Rosemary.

These became new mixtures for family & friends, once again guided by my instincts and feedback.

My passion was for natural health but I needed to really learn what that means and what is evidence based.

My studies led to greater knowledge and eventually a PhD in Natural Medicine...

So when my son-in-law suggested sharing this knowledge more widely, I felt ready and Bio-First was born.

Thanks for being a part of our Bio-First journey.


'Dr Jude'




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