Self Heal  (Prunella vulgaris) for Wellness

Self Heal (Prunella vulgaris) for Wellness

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Also known as ‘Heal All’ and Xia Ku Cao, this prehistoric ethnobotanical icon is al member of the mint family growing wild in many regions but largely forgotten as a superb medicinal herb… 

except in Traditional Chinese Medicine, where it is highly valued, and at Bio-First where we absolutely love it. 


This herb is a safe edible versatile health treasure with a few thousand years of varied use by many cultures. 

So how come you haven’t heard of it? 

Like many other miracles of nature, Self Heal was overtaken by the arrival of antibiotics, pharmaceuticals, and the loss of herbal wisdom. In fact we couldn’t find a potent non-alcohol Prunella vulgaris syrup so decided to have one made to our specifications, ensuring its many protective properties remain intact.

The big deal with Self Heal is:

  • Rich in nutrients and bioactives
  • Contains polysaccharides that help regulate immunity
  • Exceptional function ‘food’
  • Good at dealing with ‘germs’ and harmful bugs
  • Ideal for use both in and on the body (skin and within!)



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