Making the Change to Natural Self-care Remedies

Making the Change to Natural Self-care Remedies

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Research* has identified several issues for people new to natural or integrative health approaches. The main ones, accounting for 65% of the problems, are:

What is the response to each of these concerns?

  • Reality – high quality natural remedies cost more than mass produced synthetic alternatives because the ingredients are more expensive to produce. But here’s the key point: a natural remedy that works is a better value than a synthetic one that doesn’t or causes unwanted effects.
  • Readiness – when are we really ready to change? Usually when the known aspects of no change become a worse prospect than the unknowns of some change. In other words, being aware that what you’re doing isn’t working and trying something else is worth a risk.
  • Results – having accepted greater initial cost and taken the plunge, now we want to experience immediate benefit. This is reasonable and good natural remedies should deliver by at least ‘doing no harm’ right away before their positive effects follow-on. It isn’t always instant.
  • Routine – sometimes the change to natural  (or integrative, meaning a combination with conventional), requires adjusting established habits.  Bio-First keeps this simple by focusing on convenience and ease of use to avoid complicating your daily life.

*Treatment adherence in integrative medicine – University of Maryland School of Medicine, The Institute for Functional Medicine, January 2021


Written by Dr Jude Lenart, PhD in Natural Medicine

This is general information for our readers, not medical advice or opinion.
Jude has a Ph.D. in Natural Medicine - she is not a medical practitioner.


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