Bio-First Love yourself, love your skin – your skin will love you for it!

Love yourself, love your skin – your skin will love you for it!

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You’ve read it all before, but a little reminder won’t do any harm. To celebrate National Love Your Skin Day we've put together some tips for taking care of our skin and ourselves. Enjoy!

Our skin is our largest organ, responsible for keeping things in and out. It does way more than that, and is the major factor affecting appearance. Everything we put inside us (food, drugs, smoke  etc.)  affects the skin, everything we put on the skin, even water and warmth, affects us inside.

Skin is sensitive to where we live, what we feel, think and do. We are sensitive to how our skin looks, feels, behaves and ages. Basically it’s our best friend and we have to be its best friend.

This loving relationship involves nurturing, TLC and respect. First of all get to know and understand each other, your skin and you:

  • Focus on eating healthy food, getting lots of sleep, avoiding toxins

  • Add in regular exercise for good circulation, and low alcohol intake

  • Realise that when you let your skin down it will let you down

  • So be nice, and don’t blame it for things it has no control over, like genetics, freckles, pigmentation, exposure to pollutants

  • Accept and support your unique skin in its natural state and stage

Help it look its best with biocompatible skincare for your face and body.


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