Happy Healthy Christmas

Happy Healthy Christmas

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Do Yourself and Family a Favour

Leading up to the festive season there is a massive surge in highly infectious illness affecting both Northern and Southern Hemisphere communities. Normal seasonal variations and patterns have been replaced by “everyone’s getting sick”, whether it’s Winter or Summer. Add in all the year-end stresses and prospects for wellness over Christmas look dimmer.

Protection and prevention make sense, with the best approach remaining healthy regular meals, plenty of sleep and rest, enjoyable exercise, fresh air and filtered water. Time and effort spent on these will be well rewarded.

Beyond that, circumstances call for special bioactive support in highly bioavailable form such as Bio-First Manuka Soother Cough Range - the lovely light syrup is ideal for mixing in with drinks, smoothies, juices, fruit bowls etc. while the tasty spray is super-convenient and a treat for kids. No sugar, alcohol, or artificial anything!

If it’s too late and you’re already under the weather or want to be prepared for what seems like the inevitable, make sure you have some Bio-First Manuka Soother Cough Syrup range to help ease the situation. Again, it’s a perfect mixer – great in hot drinks and kids really like the spray.

Have these pure naturals on hand over the holidays, while travelling, and enjoying time with more people than usual. You owe it to yourself and others!
Best wishes and take care of yourself and your family.

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