Caring for Kid's Skin Prone to Eczema

Caring for Kid's Skin Prone to Eczema

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Every case of Eczema is different but one thing they have in common is misery potential.

Serious 'unsolved' Eczema impacts wellbeing and quality of life for babies, toddlers, kids and parents who can become desperate for a solution.

Unfortunately there is no quick fix or cure but the good news there are ways to help care for and greatly reduce the impact of a flare-up.

Mild infrequent Eczema will respond to timely gentle topical care and moderate cases can be managed well, but really bad ones can be difficult to get under control - sometimes everything you try seems to just make it worse...

Through our engagement with you, our customers, we've found that the following can help you to cope with Eczema-prone skin:

  • Avoid soaps and creams with any chemicals (this includes laundry detergent)
  • Ensure your child doesn't get overheated
  • Stick to soft cotton clothes and bedding
  • Try bathing area in cool water with dissolved sea salt or fine oatmeal
  • Apply freshly picked and skinned aloe vera if you have some
  • Review and avoid triggers : foods, pets, stress, chemicals etc
  • Be calm and reassuring (easier said than done!!)
  • Once under control, focus on restoring the skin barrier, microbiome, pH and moisture balance through suitable natural skincare products


If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. We're here to help.

Dr Jude Lenart



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