UMF - The mark of high grade Manuka Honey

UMF - The mark of high grade Manuka Honey

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The world's most adulterated foods are milk, olive oil and honey…

Fortunately the New Zealand government specifically certifies the Manuka Honey that we use and can be trusted completely.

The New Zealand authorities provide and regulate the official definition of Manuka Honey and the Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) which is a grading system for the honey.

They impose the strictest export certification standards for authentic genuine Manuka Honey based on:

  • 5 attributes - 4 compounds related to the nectar and 1 related to a DNA marker
  • 2 standards - only honey of the highest standard can be labelled mono-floral, others are multi-floral.

These standards and regulations are found uniquely in Aotearoa New Zealand, as is the honey itself.

Manuka Honey can be made for only a few weeks of the year, so the right bees have to be in the right place at the right time...

And only New Zealand has the absolutely right flowers to make the real thing - pure, premium and biovital Manuka Honey.

The UMF grade (ie 5+, 10+ etc) reflects the rigorous laboratory testing of batches to establish levels of :

  • Non-peroxide activity
  • MGO
  • Leptosperin
  • DHA
  • UMF grading is exclusive to New Zealand Manuka Honey and is the gold standard for quality and biovitality.




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