Silver in the THINK CLEAN™ Best Clean Brands 2022

Silver in the THINK CLEAN™ Best Clean Brands 2022

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Bio-First® are proud to announce our Silver Award in the Best Clean Wellbeing Brands Category of the 2022 THINK CLEAN™ Award.

Amina Kitching, Founder & Editor In Chief at Safe Cosmetics Australia, The Toxic-Free Campaign & Organic Beauty Award says, "THINK CLEAN™  means being environmentally aware, safe & effective to use. It also means no BS rubbish marketing! Transparency is essential, sustainable, ethical, and cruelty-free brands get the big thumbs up. Where a brand has taken extra steps to THINK CLEAN, this can be the key factor when it comes to deciding who will win each award. Who has acted on their experience, delivered a brand that reflects their core values & taken essential steps to make positive changes for the future of the health & beauty industry." 

The winners of the Best Clean Beauty Brands 2022 have been decided based on quantifiable facts, from the ingredients through to the packaging and beyond. The finer details mattered most, the simple act of giving back to a charity or using paper labels over plastic, which earned these brands the recognition they deserve.

The clean beauty movement is future-focused. Brands have had to adapt to become more transparent. Transparency is seeking truth & honesty, providing full disclosure on processes and ingredients, as well as considering how each brand communicates the things that matter the most to them. Our focus is on finding exceptional natural cosmetics with everyday people in mind. 

Bio-First are proud of this award and independent recognition. We pride ourselves on transparency around our ingredients, and doing the research here so you don’t have to.  We live by our ethos of Science by Nature. This involves carefully selecting and extensively researching every ingredient used in our genuine natural remedies, we also work hard to ensure a sustainable supply chain and keeping them as true to form as possible. We are aligned with the International NATRUE Standard Classifications of natural ingredients being: Natural, Derived Natural or Nature Identical. Click here for more.
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