Natural: simply the best, handle with care

Posted by Kieran Ritchie on

Written by Dr. Jude, Co-Founder, PhD in Natural Medicine

We humans came along after pretty much everything else on our planet, arising from living forms already here or from God's design. Either way, our affinity for nature is immense because we're part of it and like all creatures we have a great in-built guidance system for safety in our own world.

Poisonous plants and berries taste terrible while healthy herbs smell lovely and wholesome fruits are delicious. But that doesn't mean everything agrees with everyone - many people have mild sensitivities to some things in nature, others have intolerances, and a few are actually allergic. This is on the increase, perhaps due to adulteration of foods and use of chemicals. 

That's one of the reasons Bio-First avoids any alcohol or solvents in our herbal extracts and is very fussy about ingredient quality, including country of origin. We also ensure that all of our ingredients are very low on the EWG toxicity rating scale. Nonetheless, because our products are full of natural bioactives there is a small possibility that something may not agree with a particular customer, especially on the skin.

That's why we recommend a little patch test before use, especially if there's any history of sensitivity. Bio-First takes care in selecting what is safe and effective from nature, so your personal experience of our products is very important to us ... if something wasn't right for you please let us know!

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