Managing Eczema-Prone Skin Naturally

Posted by Byron Darroch on

Just as we are all unique individuals, each case of Eczema has its own circumstances and conditions. You can read more about the skin condition here.

This makes it difficult generalise, however there are certain common factors relating to prevention and management for those prone to Eczema.

  • Avoidance of sweating or heat on the skin
  • Avoidance of any known irritants or allergens
  • Avoidance of emotional and stress triggers
  • Use of cooling, calming natural skin care products
  • Use of hydrating, moisturising natural skin care

Manuka Skin Saver has been specially formulated with these last 2 factors in mind.

The beauty of this all-natural gel is that it contains no alcohol, synthetics, parabens or chemicals. 

With Aloe Vera and Milk Thistle it helps to hydrate and moisturise the skin while high grade New Zealand Manuka Honey helps to balance pH and improve appearance.


This gel is particularly suitable for larger areas of concern to assist in maintaining the skin barrier function.

Skin Saver contains botanical extracts which can, in rare instances, cause irritation to sensitised skin, so please do a skin test before using, especially on babies.

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