Is face mask wearing ruining your skin? What to do about Maskne?

Posted by Byron Darroch on

With many people having to wear face masks daily for long periods, Maskne is becoming all too common these days.

Problems associated with face mask wearing can include breakouts, rash, itch and dermatitis. Broadly defined as Maskne.

The reality of the post-lockdownworld that we live in means that 'Maskne' is here to stay.

Wearing make-up under your mask will aggravate any of these conditions, as will any perfumed products or those containing petroleum derived ingredients.

Cotton masks that are changed daily are best for facial skin health and we suggest you use a very mild cleanser with non-greasy moisturiser.

We suggest trying Bio-First's UltraSensitive Skin Rescue Lotion, a pure natural, non-greasy gel that creates a light film on the skin while penetrating deeper to protect both the surface and underneath.

Skin Rescue Lotion may be reapplied during the day while mask wearing and used overnight to help ease itch or rash.



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