Dr Jude’s Top 10 Tips to Care for Your Kids Holistically

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Here are my Top Ten Tips:

1. Know your child

a. sounds obvious but this really means understanding their health profile, weak points, tendencies, vulnerable aspects and attitudes to illness, what makes them feel better or worse!

2. Show your love

a. also seems obvious but keep in mind how much human emotions affect wellbeing and how healing it is to feel loved

3. Give time and attention

a. this makes children feel good and helps them avoid experiencing stress from attention-seeking and insecurity

4. Model healthy practices with your own sensible eating and drinking

5. Set a great example with balanced attitudes to both wellness and illness

6. Inspire their confidence in you as a trusted and competent carer

7. Encourage faith in products from nature and especially your child’s own healing power

8. Provide nutritious and really enjoyable food at regular mealtimes

9. Ensure your children do plenty of outdoor activity and get lots of sleep

10. Maintain their wellness regularly with genuine natural remedies

Dr Jude - Bio-First Co-Founder
Dr Jude, PhD
Co-Founder @ Bio-First

This is general information for our readers, not medical advice or opinion.
Jude has a Ph.D. in Natural Medicine - she is not a medical practitioner.



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