Are Antiseptics Enough First Aid for Your Skin?

Posted by Byron Darroch on

When you (or your child) hurt your skin, whether it is a minor cut, bump, graze or scrape - you probably, like most people, follow the normal steps of:

  • Being annoyed that you hurt yourself
  • Cleaning out any dirt/debris
  • Applying an antiseptic
  • Either leaving it to dry or putting a plaster on


You're missing out on doing one of the most important things!

And that is helping to speed up the natural healing process through application of an ointment, cream or salve.

The truth About Antiseptics

Antiseptics are literally designed to do one thing and one thing only - and that is to get rid of bugs.

That is the sole purpose of their existence. Nothing more…

Now, don't get me wrong, that is useful but they don't give your damaged skin critical support that it needs to fix itself and also stay clean.

So take it from us…

You always want to be applying both an antiseptic & a healing aid or ideally a solution that does both for you at the same time.

That way you kill two birds with one stone.



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