Aniseed (Pimpinella anisum)

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This potent seed with its distinctive aroma and taste is found in food, drinks and medicine. 

The European Medicines Agency classifies aniseed as a traditional herbal expectorant for coughs and as a herbal remedy for mild digestive complaints such as bloating. 

There are special synergies when Aniseed is paired with Thyme

Bio-First’s Aniseed Syrup is custom-made without alcohol or sugar. 

Modern research supports the centuries-old use of Aniseed for respiratory relief, anti-inflammatory and relaxing effects on the airways helping to soothe the upper respiratory tract. 

In addition, polysaccharides in Pimpinella can activate immune cells and provide antiviral activity while also enhancing nitric oxide production. 

Aniseed is a star (not to be confused with star anise!) as a potent functional ingredient:

  • Supports immune activation
  • Effective expectorant for coughs
  • Synergistic activity when combined with Thyme
  • Helps to relax the airways
  • Good for the digestion



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