6 Tips to Care for Skin Exposed to Radiation Therapy

Posted by Byron Darroch on

  1. Prepare by giving yourself and the treatment area some TLC before the sessions begin...
  2. Follow the advice and instructions of your care team.
  3. Support your overall system with a health liquid like our Manuka Immunity Syrup
  4. Use warm water and very gentle soap to cleanse.
  5. Ask if your care can apply Manuka Skin Saver to the treatment area for protection before and after each session and for a few weeks post completion. 
  6. Avoid any direct sun exposure until the area is fully healed and restored.

The reality is that treatment is progressive. So recovery will be progressive too.

And the way to help is by being pre-emptive rather than reactive in caring for your skin affected by radiation.

Our Manuka Skin Saver is specifically formulated to both prepare skin for harsh treatments like radiotherapy as well as soothe, nourish & hydrate skin already damaged by them.



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