Preservation: ancient concept, modern challenges

Preservation: ancient concept, modern challenges

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Written by Dr. Jude, our Co-Founder and a PhD in Natural Medicine

Preservation is a brilliant concept and we've been doing it forever, from Egyptian mummies to dried fruit. Preservation is like conservation - preserves and conserves are delicious, preserving and conserving are good practices in everything, especially our environment. 

But in modern times we've gone well beyond the use of sugar, salt, vinegar or temperature as preserving agents. Today's preservatives are primarily chemical and synthetic, manufactured molecules and mixtures that are effective but can be harmful. No surprise then that consumers have become suspicious and cautious about what's in food and other products to ensure their 'shelf-life'. 

Ideally we would eat only freshly picked or caught food, make our own beverages, and only use home-made personal care. More realistically most of us buy a lot of these items already made or packed, so preservatives are part of our lives (with traces in our bodies). But we can be choosy. 

At Bio-First we follow EU and FDA guidance and standards along with the ratings of respected watchdogs like NATRUE and EWG. 

We research all additives and only include those derived from nature with an extremely low rating on the EWG 1 - 10 risk scale. 

We use just enough to ensure our products stay safe for you, and we're always searching for new natural solutions.

If you have any ideas or queries on this topic we'd love to hear from you.



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